5 Savvy Ways to Create an Outdoor Dining Area at a Restaurant

The outdoor dining experience has become increasingly popular in recent years, as diners seek to enjoy the fresh air and scenery while enjoying a meal. As a result, many restaurants have begun to create outdoor dining areas to accommodate this demand. Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of this trend and create an outdoor dining area at your restaurant. However, creating an effective outdoor dining area can be tricky. Guests need to be comfortable, and the place needs to be adequately equipped with everything necessary to make the experience enjoyable. Here are five savvy ways to create an outdoor dining area at a restaurant.

1.    Use Sun-Resistant Fabric

Outdoor furniture fabric can fade quickly in the sun. UV rays can cause the fabric to become brittle and eventually tear. Your furniture will last longer and look better using sun-resistant fabric. These fabrics are usually made from acrylic fibers, resistant to fading and degradation from the sun’s UV rays. The strong colorfast pigments in sun-resistant materials will also help your furniture maintain its original color. When choosing, look for a fabric rated for at least 30 UPF (UltraViolet Protection Factor). This will ensure your guests are protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

2.    Create Shade

An awning or umbrella can provide the much-needed shade. You can also plant trees or shrubs around the area’s perimeter to provide natural shade. The best trees for this purpose have dense foliage and provide year-round shade. Some suitable options include evergreens, maples, and oaks. Use a variety of plantings to add interest and create a more natural feel. When planting, consider the mature size, so they don’t eventually block the sun completely. Take care of the plants to keep them healthy and at their best. Prune them regularly and fertilize them as needed. Flowers can also add a pop of color and make the area more inviting.

3.    Install a Water Feature

The sound of flowing water can be very relaxing and help cool the air in your outdoor dining area. A small fountain or waterfall is a great way to add the sound of water without taking up too much space. If you have the space, a koi pond can also be a beautiful and relaxing addition. The koi fish are known for their calming effect and can be fun to watch as they swim around. The sound of the water can also help block out any unwanted noise from the surrounding area, making your outdoor dining area more peaceful.

4.    Choose the Right Furniture

Outdoor furniture needs to be durable and weather-resistant. It should also be comfortable and stylish. Many fantastic types of outdoor furniture are available, so take your time choosing the right pieces for your space. Consider your space limitations and the overall style you are trying to achieve. If you have a small space, opt for furniture that can be folded or stored away when not in use. This will help to keep your outdoor dining area looking neat. Also, consider using bistro-style tables and chairs. For a larger space, dining tables and chairs are a better option. Choose furniture with cushions for added comfort. Be sure to choose weather-resistant cushions that can be easily removed for cleaning.

5.    Add Some Lighting

String lights are a popular option as they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They also add a touch of romance and can help to create a more intimate setting. Lanterns are another excellent option. They come in many amazing styles and can be hung from trees or posts. Be sure to position the lights to provide adequate lighting for your outdoor dining area without being too bright.

Your restaurant can have a beautiful, inviting outdoor dining area with the right furniture, lighting, and accessories. To create an amazing outdoor oasis, get the help of a landscape architect or designer. They can help you to create the perfect space for your needs and budget. With some planning, your outdoor dining area will be the talk of the town.