5 Tips To Empower Your Webinar Presentations

These days, webinar platform has become a very important communication tool or even the voice of the business industry. Their popularity is gaining trends every year and webinars are catching more attention than any other virtual event happening around.

If you are in search of an effective to reach your target audience as well as for the marketing of your product or service, a webinar presentation does the job for you in a well-structured way.

In this blog, we are going to cover each and every aspect of the webinars along with some handy tips to make your session successful.

Webinar – at a Glance

In this modern world which is full of emerging technologies, attending events is just only the case of “in-person” affairs. We have stepped into the digital era now and virtual events are the norm.

A webinar is basically a gathering of people in the virtual space provided with the help of webinar live streaming services. These conferences thus involve video presentations by the host and interactive activities which are being conducted for catching the audience’s attention.

There are three major types of the webinar session which are mostly hosted by companies –

  • On-demand Webinar
  • Pre-recorded webinar sessions
  • Live Webinars

On-demand webinars are the recorded versions of the previously held webinar session for the convenience of the audience to reschedule it according to their free watching time.

Different types of Webinars in 2022

As discussed earlier, there are broadly three types of webinar sessions. Let’s have a quick understanding of all of them by a short briefing on each one of them –

On-Demand Webinar

As its name suggests, these webinars are the recorded versions of the previously held live webinar sessions. They can be viewed anytime by the audience at their convenience.

With the help of online webinar platforms, they are being extensively used to increase the life of the content as well as increase further engagement after the event is over.

Totally depending on the business needs, on-demand webinars are used to increase the density of high-quality traffic with just a fraction of the time needed for the setup of the event.

Pre- Recorded Webinar

These webinars are recorded earlier and then made available for distribution later. These types of webinars are more interactive than other traditional videos.

Pre-recorded webinars are made using some of the interactive webinar platforms with tremendous features such as – on-demand demos, product tours, onboarding of the employees, etc.

Live Webinar Session

A live webinar is a style of video conference which is, mostly employed by business houses for making their product reach wider among the target audience without any interruption due to the geographical barrier whatsoever.

With the help of live webinar platforms, audience engagement is boosted with these sessions. Activities like – live polling, Q &A sessions, real-time feedback, and much more make real fun with the viewers and make them engage for long hours.

Most Popular Webinar Platforms in 2022

Here is the list of some of the popular webinar platforms which will help you to find out your best choice from the list –


Dreamcast is one of the most popular platforms to organize every single type of virtual event – Webinars, live stream your wedding, hybrid events, and much more. With its WhatsApp automation technology, users can easily scan the QR code & enjoy their favourite events without wasting a single second!


It offers features like – poll presentations, and calls to action on the platform for better engagement with the audience. It is a great online webinar tool for both PC as well mobile devices with a design that is very sleek as well as an intuitive user interface.


Workcast is specially created for event marketers with its simple interface and salient features.It thus also has an option of simulative webinars with a pre-recorded video session & Q&A presentations.


This is the right platform for you to broaden your audience reach & increase the number of potential clients. It provides in-depth analytics on engagement insights and leads reports.


The livewebinar is one of the most interactive webinar platforms loaded with versatile features and an interface that is easy & convenient for every age group. The platform tends to work right from your browser without having to download even a single plugin.

5 Tips To Empower Your Webinar Presentations

Here are some of the tips which can be used for making your webinar a successful session-

Using the right platform for your webinar

  • For beginners selecting a webinar platform that does most of the work is key to making their event useful.
  • With the creation of all types of presentations by the built-in graphics, stock photos & videos, etc. your event looks much more interesting.

Choosing a Color Scheme

  • It is one of the most important factors which makes your webinar presentation more professional.
  • Having a mixed match of different types of random colours will only going to distract your audience from the webinar online.

Addition of Some Variety

  • Long webinars are more boring sessions when they are not engaging and interactive.
  • A practice that has been observed by many professionals is to invite one more speaker with them for a quick explanation of the complex topic.
  • With the help of the webinar service, the audience gets different voices & different experiences during the ongoing presentation.

Inclusion of Dynamic Visuals

  • As we all know that visuals are the key to better engagement & quick grasping of complex topics.
  • The movement of the moving pictures can immediately catch the attention of the audience.

Be Passionate & Energetic

  • Bringing some energy to your online webinar presentation will increase engagement with the audience and prevent any drop-offs.
  • With the help of online webinar services, the audience can easily spend an hour listening to an industry expert who is passionate about what they are saying rather than a robot that is framed to answer a few only.

Final Thoughts

We all know the saying – Practice makes a man perfect! With the support of the most popular webinar platforms, you can try to focus on catching the attention of the audience with different types of engagement activities like – giving real-time feedback, polling activities, Questionnaires, etc.