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Yacht Charter Sector: Investment Opportunities

If you are financially secure and looking for way to diversify your wealth, why not invest in a yacht for charter? The investment would be considerable, but renting your vessel out to hi-end tourists can make it a very profitable venture; of course, you would need to crunch the numbers, which would include yacht care & maintenance, crew and mooring fees.

Yacht Brokers

If you own a luxury yacht and you wish to put it up for hire, you need to make contact with an established yacht broker, who puts buyers in touch with sellers and also facilitates yacht charter for many private owners. You can have your boat chartered using a crew provided by the yacht broker, if you do not have a permanent crew, and when people are looking for boat charter in Singapore or Thailand, they will enquire through the yacht broker. The broker has all the resources and can moor and maintain your vessel when not in use, and they can crew the yacht to any destination, should you wish to take a cruise with your family.


When you put your luxury yacht up for charter, the times that the vessel is in port, you can take short holidays at will. Simply let the yacht broker when you want to set sail and they will prepare your yacht for the voyage, supplying as requested, and when you arrive, she is ready to go. Of course, the yacht charter industry is seasonal, and if your yacht had 4 paying customers in one year, you would see a return on your investment.

Offshore Company

If you set up a company in Vanuatu or Cayman Islands, you would not have to pay tax on your business, and if you talk to an international business lawyer, he or she can guide you regarding beneficial company registration.

Yacht Management

It is essential that you seek out the help of a yacht broker, who would offer a range of yacht care packages, specifically designed for the private owner. You can rest assured that your investment is in good hands, and you can plan your own personal holidays on your private yacht, which the broker will facilitate. Of course, it is expensive to maintain a yacht, and sea-worthiness would be closely monitored by the yacht broker, informing you when engine overhauls are required, and carrying out hull inspections on a regular basis. Click here for further reading on the services of a yacht broker.

Asset Appreciation

As the costs of boat-building continues to rise, a luxury yacht would certainly hold its value, and with full care and management from the broker, your vessel will be well looked after, and with professional marketing, your yacht will be enjoyed by many over the years, bringing you a healthy return on your investment.

Sourcing a Yacht

Again, this is something for the yacht broker, who would have numerous fine vessels that are for sale listed by private owners, and when you wish to view a yacht, the broker would arrange everything, providing you with a full history of the vessel. Here are some details about yacht registration, which makes for an informative read.

When a top yacht that meets your requirements goes on the market, the broker would inform you, and should you wish to take a boat out for some sea trials, this can be arranged.