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China condemns U.S., Canada for sending warships through Taiwan Strait


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Sunday’s condemnation by the Chinese military of the United States, Canada and Japan for their respective warships passing through Taiwan Strait on last week was a sign that they are threatening stability and peace in the area.

China has claimed Taiwan, democratically ruled by Taiwan, as its territory. It has conducted numerous air force raids into Taiwan’s ADSZ (air defense identification zone) during the last year. Taipei is furious.

China has sent 150 airliners into the area in the span of four days beginning Oct. 1. This further escalated tensions between Beijing and Taipei, which is raising concern around the world.

The U.S. military claimed that the Arleigh Burke-class guided ballistic missile destroyer USS Dewey, along with the Canadian frigate HMCS Wilfred, sailed through Taiwan’s narrow waterway to separate the two countries.

The statement added, “Dewey’s passage through Taiwan Strait by Winnipeg and Dewey demonstrates the United States commitment to a free Indo-Pacific.”

China’s People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theatre Command stated that it monitored ships and kept them safe throughout passage.

It stated that the United States and Canada conspired to cause and stir up trouble…seriously jeopardizing stability and peace in Taiwan Strait.”

Chinese territory encompasses Taiwan. The Theatre forces are always on high alert to counter any threats or provocations.

To the fury of Beijing, U.S. Navy vessels have been passing through the Strait approximately monthly. Beijing has also accused Washington of inflaming regional tensions.

U.S. allies occasionally also send ships through the strait, including Britain last  month.

While tensions in Taiwan Strait are rising, there has not been any shooting. Chinese aircraft have not entered Taiwanese aviation space. Instead, they have concentrated their activity at the ADIZ’s southwestern portion.

The ADIZ includes Taiwan’s territorial airspace, but Taiwan has a larger area it monitors and patrols. Taiwan wants to have more time to react to threats.

Taiwan’s defense minister said that on Sunday, three Chinese aircraft — two J-16 fighters aircraft and one anti-submarine plane — flew again into the ADIZ.