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BitOrbit is now Trading at 155x Following a Sub-1 Minute IDO Sellout By BTC Peers

© Reuters. BitOrbit trades now at 155x after a sub-minute IDO saleout

BitOrbit was created for content creators looking to earn revenue through their content. The Velas-powered BitOrbit project recently completed its IDO. BitOrbit’s IDO was sold in just minutes with 23 million coins and $0.007 public price.

Although most tokens will see a sharp decline after successful public sales, BitOrbit is trading at an astonishing 155x return. This is a sign that BitOrbit is a strong project and ready to fight tooth and nail against the 13,500 digital assets currently traded in the market.

BlueZilla Expertise and Network

BlueZilla VC incubated this Initial DEX offering. It was certain to be a huge success. Like other projects supported and aided by BlueZilla, BitOrbit leverages the VC’s in-house developers, marketers, traders, and influencers to complete the fastest IDO on the Velas blockchain. Joining names like WagyuSwap, BSCPad, ETHPad, GameZone, and even the launchpad that BitOrbit was launched via, VelasPad, BlueZilla’s projects have seen between 50x to 250x following IDO.With WagyuSwap trading at over $2.50, ROIs of 1000x or more are not out of the question – with all of the above in perspective, it feels like the perfect time for BitOrbit.

Facebook (NASDAQ: ) – The Giant is Falling

The Velas-powered Social Media Platform is offering real-time value while dispelling a major sticking point — data and privacy breaches. Facebook is trying to rebrand as Meta. This was revealed by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook.

There was also the scandalous Cambridge Analytica case, where personal information from more than 87,000,000 users was shared in an inappropriate manner. BitOrbit’s incessant talk of data breach is coupled with BitOrbit’s nascent efforts to exploit this huge flaw. BitOrbit will integrate strong systems that will eradicate data and privacy breach, creating a future-proof ecosystem, bypassing all the faults of traditional social media giants.

The Velas Blockchain — a Moonshot Ready to Overtake

The Velas blockchain is used to its full extent by this DEX. This is one of the most striking or fundamental features. Velas, a Velas fork of Solana’s highly-developed blockchain, not only does it take the code, but it also adds important improvements and systems into the codebase. It is also known as Solana V2, due to its extraordinary transaction processing speed, which can process up to 75,000 transactions per seconds [TPS] against Solana’s 50,000 TPS. The emerging blockchain promises lower transaction costs and a boost in efficiency.

Velas, which supports Solidity compatibility and EVM compatibility, simplifies cross-chain porting and project migration for developers. Velas, and VLX (its native token), are currently in the Top 250 Coins category. They have seen significant growth. These inherent characteristics aside, the Velas Team adds more value to ecosystems by setting up a Grant Program. It was initially set at $5M. But, CoinTelegraph reported that it has since been raised to $100M.

Velaspad is an ecosystem launchpad that offers a second aspect of advanced blockchain technology. Velaspad, similar to other launchpads will provide legal and marketing support for emerging projects to help them get on the right track. BlueZilla VC currently backs the native token VLXPAD. This has led to a significant price increase, indicating strong interest in the project.

After the successful IDO, BitOrbit trading is expected to increase. This is largely due to BitOrbit’s real-world value to content creators as well as influencers who are keen to make money from large numbers of their followers on social media. Taking advantage of Facebook’s major flaw, BitOrbit could be the crypto-related project to take down Facebook by offering a stronger security system second to none.

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