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Amid conflict, NFT projects already seek to rebuild Ukraine -Breaking


Invasion of Ukraine in recent times has created chaos, uncertainty, and increased geopolitical risk. Millions of investors have suffered huge losses due to volatility in global financial markets. Global economic havoc is being caused by rising global inflation, fears about tapering liquidity and increased interest rates at the United States Federal Reserve.

The delinking SWIFT messaging services to Russian banks for their top-tier clients is raising concerns among Russian entrepreneurs. It also has a negative impact on other nations with close Russian trade relations. Visa (NYSE) and Mastercard(NYSE:) have stopped Russian operations. This will lead to untold problems for interoperability between their payment systems as well as everyday citizens that rely on them.

Holy Water NFT Collection Source: Twitter
The seed of a good idea. Source: AGallery
Source: AITX
Source: DW, Wladimir Klitschko
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