Episode Two: What’s Your Preferred Setup For Working?

In ‘episode’ two of this series, we talk with Patsy Sanchez and Josh Bluman about their preferred work setup. It’s fun to take note of the many unique work setups that entrepreneurs use, and the different ways in which they benefit from them. Who would have guessed that so many different people would enjoy unique ways of working, even if they are in the same industry and position.

I’ve really been enjoying my time sifting through responses to my HARO request about the preferred setup for working which I am featuring in these articles.

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(1) Patsy Sanchez, Assistant Editor for Zodiac Sign.

“Working in a coffee shop has always been my go-to option when it comes to finding a place to work efficiently. Since most of my work is done via computer, I can work from almost anywhere, which gives me the freedom to find a place that works best for me.

I find coffee shops to be the perfect place to focus and get work done, because I am not at home where I can be easily distracted, and I am also not in an office environment which I find can impede my creativity. A coffee shop gives me a warm, comfortable place that is filled with lots of caffeine to keep me fueled. 

I also like the background noise a coffee shop provides because you can’t really hear distinct words or conversations, but it’s all just a mumble in the background which I find helpful when I am working. It’s sort of like white noise to me which helps me to concentrate.

Coffee shops also generally have free wifi and free coffee refills which is perfect for anyone who works long hours. It is my preferred working set up, and I also find it a great way to try out new coffee places!”

(2) Josh Bluman, Founder of JJ Suspenders.

“Whether I am in my office or working remotely, I like the environment a tad colder than normal. If I’m too warm, it can make me tired, and it makes it tough to stay focused on the task at hand. A colder temperature keeps me more alert throughout the workday, and I can think a little more clearly.

To do this, I often leave a window open a crack or turn the heat down a little. This subtle drop in temperature really makes a difference, while also saving a bit on heating bills.

Working outside can also help with keeping my temperature cooler, especially in the spring / summer. Not to mention the fresh air and a change of scenery is a nice added benefit.

I also find I don’t need to drink as much coffee when I work in a colder room because I generally feel more alert. And less coffee also means a better sleep at night.”
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