Episode Three: What’s Your Preferred Setup For Working?

I’ve been filtering through a number of responses to my HARO query as people begin to share their preferred setup for working. I find it interesting to hear about other people’s thoughts on how they are productive and what leads them to be as effective as possible.

In today’s world, so many different people prefer different ways of working. It’s quite interesting really. Some people like a traditional method of working, while others prefer working completely remotely or as a digital nomad who never has a home base.

Here are two more responses from business professionals and don’t forget to check out the other episodes in this series:

(1) Chris Farmer, Founder of Corporate Coach Group.

“As a career coach, I love working with my clients and entering their workspace to understand their situation. By studying other people’s habits, work styles, routines, and more, I’ve been able to learn as much as I have about what makes people successful and what leads to failure.

For me, I have the privilege of stepping into other workspaces and being able to do my thing there. After many years of this, I am quite comfortable in this setting now. When I am not doing this type of work, I like to find a quiet space and a simple desk to do my work. This could be in my own office or somewhere at home; as long as it is quiet and the distractions are limited, I feel as though I can do my work successfully.

Loud, raucous workspaces are nice to monitor as a coach, and they can be useful for brainstorming and collaboration, but they aren’t great places to get actual work done. For this, I need a quiet and secluded space.”

(2) James Parsons, Founder of Content Powered.

“I love to be on the road when I can and have figured out a nice way to work while I travel. It can be difficult to work in new areas, but I’m dedicated to the lifestyle so I’ve found ways to get it done as I find new places to go.

It takes practice to zone out the distractions around you, and it can be difficult to ignore the desire to go check out new places when work needs to be done. You must prioritize your work before exploring or participating in regular travel activities. I always find a place to work, whether it be a local coffee shop, coworking space, or even just in my hotel room before I allow myself to do anything else.

It can be rewarding to travel while you work. To be seeing new places and enjoy new experiences while also operating your own business is an accomplishment that I’m quite invested in. It can be difficult, and it’s taken some getting used to, but it is a setup I enjoy and look forward to!”
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